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Pueblo Tint is the leading window tinting in Pueblo, CO that offers a American Standard Window Film that suits your needs. Our films are designed to provide you a 101% Maximum heat rejection, Excellent optical clarity and UV Protection in different types of colors.

The films are installed by our experts and includes a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty for your House, Building, and Car Tints. We will be glad to provide you with high-quality services for your tinting needs.

Feel free to call us @  (719) 289-3313 our customer service will treat you professionally and gives you as much as possible prestige window tinting.


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Myths we believe in About Window Tints

  • Myth #1: Too Dark.Many people will tell you that tinted windows mean all you’llever see will be a dark and gloomy picture. That’s simply not thecase. There are many different degrees of tinting available. Someare almost completely unnoticeable.
  • Myth #2: Tinted Windows Kill Plants.If you’re worried about theplants you have in your homeor office, don’t worry. Someplants actually suffer fromoverexposure to the sun, andhaving tinted windows canhelp keep them healthier everyday.
  • Myth #3: I’ll Never Be Able to See Anything. Not every window tint outthere is reflective. You canenjoy that great view again andagain even with tintedwindows.In fact, you may be able toenjoy it a bit more thanks to thefact that most window tintsblock harmful UV rays.
  • Myth #4: TintedWindows Are Expensive. Having your windows tinted isfar more affordable than youthink.The advantages areimmeasurable, and whetheryou think about the costsavings that comes from addedsecurity or from the extraenergy efficiency, you may save more thanks to tinted windows.

Get Comfortable Now. No matter why you decide to have your windows tinted, there’s only one place to turn for help:  Pueblo window Tint

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