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How do I clean my windows once the film has been installed?

Your window film is now fitted, which is fantastic! So, what’s next? What is the best way to clean your windows once the film has been installed? This is a fantastic and frequently asked question. We hope that your window film gives you with all of the benefits it promises, and we want to assist you in keeping it in good working order. That’s why we came up with this helpful maintenance guide.


  • Allow the window film to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use cloths that aren’t abrasive.
  • Use the appropriate cleaning.

Here are three suggestions for keeping your window film in good condition.


Allow time for the window film to cure.


It takes time for window film to cure. The glue might take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to thoroughly bind to your glass. The window film may experience certain alterations throughout the curing process. Please don’t be afraid; this is very normal.


For a few days, your window film, for example, may appear foggy or clouded. As the film binds, this normally clears up within a few days. Any water bubble will also dry off. When the film is dry, you may see a few little particles, as we said in our previous post. This is feasible because it is difficult to eliminate all dust from the air. These little points or particles, on the other hand, should be extremely minuscule and visible only from the outside.


After installation, how to care for window film – Use the correct tools

How to Remove and Clean Window Film

When washing your windows following a window film application, there are two things to keep in mind. To begin, make sure you’re using a non-abrasive cloth or rag. A squeegee is strongly recommended. You might be tempted to use a paper towel, but paper towels are coarser than they look and might harm the film. Other items to avoid include bristle brushes and newspaper.


What solution should you use next? Pure ammonia or vinegar should not be used on window film. You can instead use household cleaners like WindexTM or Glass Plus.


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